Cover Your Investment With The Best Felt

Iwan Simonis

The Belgian Iwan Simonis Pool Table Felt is the oldest and most experienced billiard cloth in the industry since 1680.

Brunswick Contender Woolen Cloth

CONTENDER Series Woolen Cloth is a 75/25 blend of the finest wool and nylon to produce a surface that plays faster and lasts longer. CONTENDER Series Woolen Cloth (21 oz.) provides a playing surface free of knots, assuring accurate ball roll and playability.

Contender Play Package

The Contender® Play Package Includes:

  • Set of standard billiard balls
  • Four 58" CONTENDER® two-piece cues
  • Two-piece bridge stick
  • Plastic bridge head
  • 8-ball rack
  • Plastic table brush
  • Twelve pieces of chalk
  • Official BCA Rule Book

PNS 900 Billiard Cloth

Another finest from the Far East, Al Najdain introduces the PNS 900 from China. Equally durable, high quality and economical.