Welcome to Snooker Hall Sports Sea Club!
(Snooker & Bliilard Hall)

One of the Al Najdain’s finest and pride is the Snooker Hall Sports Sea Club in Salmiya situated along seashore. Acclaimed to be one of the biggest billiard and snooker club in Kuwait. The club has about 7 Brunswick Gold Crown billiard tables and 12 professional steel block snooker tables (BCE & Riley), set to play for both amateur and professional and even international billiard game competitions.

The Snooker Hall Sports Sea Club Offers:

  • Billiard & Snooker Hall
  • Table Tennis
  • Online gaming
  • Laser Shots
  • Play Stations

Moreover, a cafeteria is just right there, very accessible for players who wish to take some break. The club operates long hours of daily service, administers by very attentive computer technicians and accommodating staff for your total customer satisfaction and entertainment!

To inquire, please call +965 66677474 or e-mail us at sales@najdain.com