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Sam Pool Table

  • Refurbished table
  • Professional model & specification
  • Steel legs
  • Durable & tough
  • In perfect condition
  • Economical price

Zeki Bilardo

The intricately designed Ashbee is a return to Brunswick's heritage of inlaid tables dating to the 1870s. Distinctive, hand-inlaid details grace the aprons and sills of this exquisite table.

  • In the Pyramid tables the holes are smaller whereas the balls are bigger than Pool tables'.
  • Cushion blinds are wider to stop balls returning after hitting the pocket blind.
  • Legs are made of iron and professionally painted to avoid rusting and oxidation.
  • Cushion blinds are made of TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) certificated MDF covered with Italian laminate. Laminate products have more advantages against polished products such as laminate can not be scratched easily and they are 7-8 times more durable. Also, there is a inlay metal score counter in the short cushion blind.
  • Each laminated table is delivered in the color requested, matching with the client's interior.
  • The table is always supplied with Zeki Bilardo rubber cushion unless Artemis rubber cushions are requested.